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A Trend to Love: Modern Mint

We’re absolutely loving the fresh modern feel of mint sprinkled throughout the home. Whether it’s just a soft touch, or a room filled with it, mint is a modern color that adds a brightness and luxurious feel to any room. We found some gorgeous inspiration and great ideas of how to beautifully and elegantly incorporate mint into all different rooms in your home!







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The Dog Days of Summer!


Oh hello August!  Are you feeling the heat?  It’s now the Dog Days of Summer! 

Have you ever wondered why the mid-summer heat is referred to as the “Dog Days of Summer?”

This now common phrase stems from thousands of years ago when the Romans used to associate the hot weather with the star Sirius. Sirius is considered the Dog Star because it is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major (large dog).  Sirius was believed to be the cause of the hot, oppressive weather, and as a result, these so called “Dog Days” were thought to be an evil time. This phrase is still used in modern times. Today, many European countries still refer to the months between July and September as The Dog Days of Summer.

To celebrate these dog days of summer in our own special way, for 30 days, we will be sharing the best of web’s most adorable photos of our furry friends all snuggled up.  Follow along on Instagram for a daily dose of the sleepiest tails of the web.  

Have a cute photo of your own pup?  We’d love to see it! Tag #sleepytails and #craneandcanopy on your instagram photos or email us a photo at  

GET THE LOOK: A Versatile Bedroom

We asked Jennifer of the lovely home decorating and DIY blog Dimples and Tangles to put together a bedroom roundup using our bedding, and we couldn’t be more in love with what she came up with. She chose the Linden Black duvet because it is truly a classic duvet. It fits right in with any bedroom in her house, will never go out of style, and she can easily change the look of the room just by rotating the accent pillows. She appreciates the simplicity of the design, yet thinks the bold border adds enough interest to make a statement. She also thinks you can’t beat the practicality of a duvet that can be easily thrown into the wash, what with living in a house full of children and pets. She thinks a pair of monogrammed shams would be the most perfect finishing touch!

Be sure to head over to Jennifer’s amazing blog where she shared her love of decorating, DIY projects, bargain hunting, and color. She chooses projects to blog about based on what she wishes she would have known 20 years ago when she was just beginning to keep a home, and she blogs with the hope that her readers are truly learning something valuable. She always has her eye out for a great piece from craigslist to make over, and she finds inspiration for new project around every corner. Don’t miss out on her beautiful and inspirational posts!


Get the look: headboard / duvet cover / sheets / light / artwork / side table / gold throw pillow / red throw pillow

Dreaming Underneath a Canopy

There’s nothing better than the romantic feeling of waking up underneath a canopy, wrapped up in the most luxurious soft bedding and sheets. We love the look of elegance a canopy creates, while adding a chic finish to any bed. Below we have rounded up a few of our favorite canopy shots!


A flirty floral yellow and gray duvet, The Ashbury Yellow.


Chic and elegant, our perfectly pintucked Valencia duvet is timeless. 


Playful and preppy, the Piper in a gorgeous Newport Blue.

GET THE LOOK: A Chic and Modern Bedroom


Today we share a fresh and modern bedroom roundup featuring our Hayes Nova White duvet set put together by the amazing Jennifer of Brave New Home. Jennifer started her blog to break herself of decorating paralysis—she believes there is nothing like sharing your progress across the Internet to really set things in motion! Her husband left for boot camp around the time she started her blog, so this keeps her motivated and allows her to connect with people as obsessed with home design as she is, especially while her husband is gone on deployments!

She loves white bedding because it’s a classic and it’s easy to switch things up each season by mixing in a textured throw or some patterned pillowcases. The Hayes Nova, while classic, is modern and the gray piping keeps it from being boring or plain. It is versatile and can evolve with you as your tastes change. The neutral colors and modern décor create a beautiful and fresh bedroom!

If you haven’t checked out Jennifer’s amazing blog Brave New Home, be sure to head over there today for great inspiration and fun DIY projects!

Get the look: (clockwise) bedding, print, mirror, throw, lamp, planters, chair

Bloggers We Love: A Q&A With Nicki of Sweet Parrish Place

Today we got to speak with Nicki, the blogger behind the fun personal blog Sweet Parrish Place, that talks about everything from great DIY projects, to fashion, to design. Be sure to head over to her blog for a great read!

Welcome to Crane & Canopy.  We absolutely love reading your blog.  How did you start blogging?  Why the namesake, Sweet Parrish Place?

First of all, I just want to say that I am so thrilled that you asked me to be a featured blogger for Crane and Canopy!  I have always been interested in decorating, DIY, design and fashion, and I have always secretly wanted to be a writer.  I first discovered this thing called blogging when I fell in love with the blog Young House Love.  I went into their archives and read every last post over the course of several months. To this day I read every single word John and Sherry Petersik write!  And through YHL, I discovered so many other wonderful blogs.  I became slightly obsessed, and at first I was just a fan, but I started thinking that I might like to start a blog of my own.  For several months, I dreamed of starting a blog, but I was afraid.  I finally decided to go for it, after all, what did I have to lose?  And that is how Sweet Parrish Place was born.  I can honestly say that in my 40’s, I have finally discovered my passion, and better late than never, right?  I don’t have any definitive reason for the name of my blog, other than the fact that I knew I wanted it to be three words, I knew I wanted it to have “Parrish Place” in the title, and I just thought “sweet” sounded good I guess!  Kind of dorky?  Maybe, but it is what it is!

What’s a fun fact about you that’s currently not on your “about” page?

Fun Fact:  Well, I am not sure how fun it is for those who live with me, but I walk around the house singing every single day.  Doesn’t matter what it is, I just pick a tune to a song that I hear and start making up my own words.  My 6 Year old seems to love it, but I think my older two children are over it by now.  

Describe your personal home style in 3 adjectives.

My style in three words:  Funny you should ask, I recently wrote a post about my design style!  And I have to break the rules a little bit here, because it is actually 4 words:  Eclectic, modern, polished, casual.  You can read more about that by clicking on the link to the post I wrote about it!

We love your DIY/Trashtastic Tuesday projects. What is one of your favorite projects you’ve completed?

I am so glad that you like Trashtastic Tuesday!  My favorite Trahstastic Tuesday project was probably some canisters that I paid $5 for at goodwill and made over.  And by far my favorite DIY project, and the one that took the longest, would have to be my painted subway tile backsplash.  

What is the most important thing you have learned from blogging?

The most important thing I have learned from blogging is what it means to have a true passion.  I have always read and heard about finding your passion, but I never knew what mine was until I started my blog.  Not one second I have spent blogging has felt like work to me.  My blog is my heart.  It is me, take me or leave me.  I am just a newbie really, but I try every day to improve on my skills and learn what I need to know to make Sweet Parrish Place better, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from all of the other wonderful blogs that I follow!  I have already told you my biggest inspiration is Young House Love.  My favorite designer is probably Emily Henderson.  I love to stalk other blogs and especially catch a glimpse into other peoples homes, whether it be in person or online.  And of course I love to read design and fashion magazines as well!  But I can find inspiration in so many places, including just a little trip to the mall, or when we travel.  

What is your favorite find/thing in your house that really make it feel like your home.

Our house is still a work in progress.  We moved here almost two years ago, and we are slowly making it feel like ours.  Every project I complete makes this house feel a little more like me.  And I am so lucky that my husband pretty much just goes with the flow and lets me make whatever design decisions I choose.  Probably my favorite thing I have brought into my house is this Van Gogh print that I picked up at the Mission for 50 cents!  I am not sure why, but I just fell in love with it!  It is now my inspiration for my entire living room makeover, which is still a work in progress.

And of course, what’s your favorite Crane & Canopy bedding!

It is so hard to choose from all of the gorgeous bedding Crane and Canopy has to offer!  But if I have to pick, I would say the Linden Gray Border is one of my favorites.  I like that it is classic and neutral.  I also love the Valencia White Pintuck.  If I could choose any of them, it would probably be this one because my 18 Year Old daughter is moving into her first apartment in August and she wants all white bedding.  I would so love to be able to get this for her bedroom!  My favorite patterned bedding is the Montgomery Cobalt blue.  I love the colors and the pattern on this one, and it would be perfect for a guest room!

Why I Make My Bed

by Karin Sun, co-founder of Crane & Canopy

Last month, at the University of Texas at Austin’s commencement ceremony, Admiral William McRaven, one of the most respected leaders in America, shared his speech on how to change the world, drawing from his experience in the Navy SEALS. His first lesson was a rather unusual one for the graduating class. However, many of the mothers in the audience surely smiled at his first piece of advice.


“If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.” The Admiral mentioned a variety of reasons why making the bed is important, including discipline, pride, order and a sense of accomplishment. He reasoned that even if a day goes terribly, coming back to a made bed makes everything better.

Growing up, my mother made all three of her children make their beds every morning. At the time, I did not understand why. Was it not easier to jump out of bed and run off to class than spend two minutes pulling and tugging the duvet cover in place? If the bed was just going to be messy again at night, what was the point? Perhaps my mother wanted us to make our own beds so that she would not have to make them all herself. But that was not the case. On family vacations, regardless of how nice the hotel was, she always made a point to make the bed before leaving the hotel room, despite her knowing that the cleaning lady was just down the hall.


Age 2, sitting in bed.

It was pointless to argue with Mom so making the bed became part of our daily routine. Rain or shine, in sickness or in health, the bed was made. Every day, the three of us woke up at the break of dawn, made our beds, got dressed, brushed our teeth, ate breakfast, and hopped in the family van and got to school, just in time for our 6:30 a.m. classes. We perfected our morning routine under Mom’s critical watch. Nothing deviated from the routine for 13 years.  

It was only when I got to college, when I stood at the foot of my twin bunk bed at Harvard that I realized that I was truly free. I could go rogue and no one would ever know. My mother would no longer be watching, and my roommate Danielle would never tell. Nonetheless, as I contemplated whether to make my bed, I started to understand why it was so important to my mother. For her, a made bed did not simply confer a sense of accomplishment, provide the good feeling of returning home to a clean room or represent discipline and order.  Rather, by requiring my siblings and me to make our bed every morning, my mother was preparing us to face the challenges life could throw at us. Making the bed every morning meant we had to start our day. The battles we faced growing up, like taking that chemistry test, running for student government or wearing the right clothes to school, were clearly not a matter of life and death. Yet, these obstacles seemed scary and insurmountable to us at the time because there was always the possibility of failure. The easy and safe thing to do was to stay in bed and to not face the day. Knowing that we could conquer the simple, predictable task of making the bed enabled us to get out of bed, providing us with a stepping stone toward the more difficult challenges ahead. It was the least glamorous part of the day, yet getting out of bed to make the bed meant that we were going to be part of the story, regardless of the ending.


My current guestroom - the most colorful spot in my home.


Some of my favorite bedding and colors

As a Navy SEAL in training, Admiral McRaven had to perform the simple task of making his bed to perfection every day. For Navy SEALs in training, this was a necessary task to perfect before moving onto bigger things. To be able to operate under the most dangerous of situations and execute with the utmost perfection, a Navy SEAL’s job is one of extremes. For us more ordinary folk, it’s important to realize that to be able to achieve success, we also need to embrace the mundane and routine.

Soon after bidding farewell to Corporate America to start my own company, I sat in my bedroom. Long gone were the days of colleagues to interact with, a fancy cubicle to sit in, or leftover birthday cake to scavenge. I had no deadlines or timelines. The task at hand was ordinary at best. Time moved at a snail’s pace.  During those days, it was easy to not get out of bed, not get dressed and not do anything at all.  But every morning, I got up, made my bed, got dressed and brushed my teeth. I’m glad I did, because every day as I got going, I made progress. Since those days, I have traveled the world, hired an incredible group of staff members, helped people in need and built my dream. 


At work, staging the perfectly made bed.

As I listened to Admiral McRaven’s address, I kept thinking about the mothers in that audience, each so instrumental in their children’s successes. By the simple act of getting their kids out the door every morning, these moms moved their kids a small step closer towards reaching a milestone. After all, it was never glamorous to have their kids make their beds, drive them to practice and make them do homework. But they knew that there would never be glamour without the mundane. The reminder to “make your bed” that every kid has heard from his mother isn’t just a daily reminder, but a daily encouragement. Admiral McRaven’s speech is an ode to all mothers who see their children as keys to the future: If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.  

Introducing our BLACK & WHITE Collection!


Meet our all new Linden Black Collection. A classic, timeless and elegant bedding collection that is premium quality and beautifully designed. Our Black & White Collection features our classic black and white border duvet cover and matching embroidered scalloped black sheets, both made from the finest quality 100% extra long staple cotton in 400 thread count and woven in single ply and the softest sateen weave.

Inspired?  Head over to our Pinterest board and see the carefree black & white beach culture of Summer.