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Inspired: Beautiful Blooms for Spring

We are so excited for Spring to show up, that we have been dreaming of all the beautiful blooms, flowers, trees, and scents that come with the new season. Head over to our Pinterest board for some inspiration and to get excited for Spring!

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A bright bedroom refresh with Hi Sugarplum!

Spring is right around the corner and we think it’s time for a spring bedroom refresh! We are so inspired by Hi Sugarplum's beautiful and bright new master bedroom featuring our Linden Coral. We love the serene all white bedding with a pop of coral and are obsessed with the fun black and white patterned throw pillows!


» See the full room here:
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INSPIRED: Chevrons

We love the fun chevron pattern, and have so much fun coming up with new ways to display the chevron design. Today we are inspired in the many ways the chevron pattern pops up in our daily lives.

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GET THE LOOK: An all white duvet paired with the perfect color combination!


We can’t get enough of this super fun bedroom roundup created by Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25. Abbe chose our Mirabel White duvet cover because she loves a classic white bed with crisp white sheets and pops of color mixed in. The ruching on the duvet compliments the sleek velvet headboard and allows for a bold color palette, and is a great layering texture. The pops of purple and yellow create the perfect color combination that we would love to have in our bedrooms during this cold and dreary season!

Abbe is a lot like her work: energetic, imaginative and full of surprises. Named one of Dallas’ Best Interior Designers in 2012 and 2013 by D Home, the ultra-hip designer behind Studio Ten 25 combines vibrant colors, rich textures and her own special mojo to create stunning commercial and residential spaces. In 2008 Abbe created Shop Ten 25, a well-curated online store featuring pieces that Abbe uses in her work. The Shop focuses on attainable luxury and offers everything from gorgeous accessories to designer furniture. The exclusively online store ranges in style from glamour to rustic and from furniture to lighting and accessories. 

The Studio Ten 25 Blog was launched in 2008 and has received a huge following that continues to grow as Abbe shares her designs, inspiration & design how-to’s.

 Get the look: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

A genius take on dots and chevron.

Introducing our newest pattern, The Cora. Redecorate with this chevron duvet cover to instantly transform your bedroom. With beautifully illustrated dots lined perfectly to graphically create a large scale zigzag pattern, the Cora Chevron bedding set is our freshest and most sophisticated take on the chevron pattern. Available in a fun green and a chic gray, the Cora duvet.

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Rejuvenate your winter bedroom!

It has been a cold winter, which means we are spending a lot of time inside, and in bed. It’s time to rejuvenate your space with these 5 easy ways to refresh your bedroom.

Bring the outside in: Bringing plants and the outdoors inside will rejuvenate your bedroom and create a space that you love being in. When it is so gloomy outside, having beautiful plants and flowers inside can make a world of difference. 

Switch up your bedding: You can change the entire feel and look of your bedroom just by swapping out your old duvet cover and re-styling your bed. Add some fun pillows and a cozy throw and your room will feel brand new!

Stage a bookshelf: Stage a bookcase with fun vases, candles, and little trinkets that remind you of warmer days to keep your mind off the cold. Add some of your favorite books or picture frames to make it even more personal. 

Add color to your room. Paint or wallpaper an accent wall to add some color to your room. Use bright colors to lift your spirits, or softer colors to keep you feeling relaxed. 

Decorate your walls: Revamp your walls by hanging frames and photos, or switching up the photos that you already have. Adding new decor and accent pieces to your wall that you aren’t used to seeing everyday will create a new feel to your room.

Photo sources: 1/2/3/4/5

Top Sheets vs. Duvet Covers: The Great Top Sheet Debate

Have you ever questioned why you are sleeping with a top sheet when you also have a soft comforter or duvet cover over you, keeping you warm?  If so, you are certainly not alone.  In fact, in a recent Crane & Canopy poll, we found that 50% of women prefer NOT to sleep with a top sheet.  When speaking with customers, we also learned that while the top sheet is not as popular as it once was, people still loved that “folded over sheet” look, or what we would call, a perfectly layered bed.

We’ve solved this big bedroom debate by creating a product that allows decorators to say goodbye to the top sheet and create a beautifully made bed much easier and faster than ever before.  Meet our Signature Duvet Cover, part top sheet, part duvet cover.

Confused and curious as to how it all works?  Our bedding stylist, Celeste, breaks it all down for you in just two short minutes.

Still not convinced you should say bye to your top sheet?  We asked our Co-Founder, Karin, why sleeping with a top sheet is not her desired sleeping style.  Here is what she has to say…

"The amount of time that goes in to adjusting and straightening the top sheet when making the bed is reason enough to just get rid of it!  However, what I love most about not sleeping with a top sheet is the limb-moving-freedom and the coziness it creates.  I really get the best of both worlds with the Signature Duvet Cover - a comfortable sleep and a bedding solution that allows me to make the bed twice as fast!”

A Q&A with Olympian Brita Sigourney!

We had the amazing opportunity to catch up with Brita Sigourney, a half pipe skier and gold medal hopeful for the 2014 Winter Olympics, before she headed off to Sochi. We asked her everything from how she got into skiing to what her morning routine is, and of course what her favorite Crane & Canopy bedding is!

How did you get into skiing?

I was raised in a family who loved skiing and was willing to drive to Tahoe every weekend to do it. My parents put me on skis when I was 2, and I loved it right away.  I think having 2 older brothers also helped with getting me involved. but I was pretty much obsessed from the beginning.

What’s the most difficult trick you’ve ever attempted?

Probably a 1080. [That means 3 full rotations while in the air]. I was the first girl to successfully land it in a competition, which was really exciting.

How do you prepare before competing? Do you have any rituals you do?

I make sure I get a good warm up and stretch before gearing up. Then I usually just put my headphones in and get in the zone by visualizing while doing deep breaths to stay calm.

How do you stay warm?

If it’s really cold I’ll wear a lot of layers under my ski jacket, but in normal conditions I’m usually really hot and sweating because we take so many laps and are always moving, especially at competitions. Sometimes I’ll be skiing in a sweatshirt at night time while it’s snowing, which is crazy because if you know me then you know that I’m always cold.

What is your morning routine?

Depends on the morning, but I pretty much always lay in bed for way longer than I should. Then I usually get a good breakfast and head to the gym. But if it snowed the night before or if it’s a good ski day then I’ll head to the hill first, and hit the gym after.

What was it like when you found out you made the US Olympic team?

I think it was one of the best moments of my life. I’ve worked so hard to get a spot on the team and to know that it all paid off was such a relief for me. I’m just so excited to be given this incredible opportunity.

What are you most looking forward to at the Olympics?

Just being in the village and meeting tons of different athletes from different countries. I can’t wait to experience it all and represent the USA!

What’s on your bed?

I have a big fluffy down comforter, a lot of pillows, and sometimes an extra blanket by my feet for those extra cold nights.

What’s your favorite Crane & Canopy duvet cover?

I love the Addison Gray duvet cover.  I think it would look really cute paired with the mint scalloped sheets! I also am obsessed with all the studded throw pillows.

A huge thanks to Brita for taking the time to chat with us. Watch her compete tomorrow morning, February 20th at 6:30am PST.

Get Brita’s dream bed: 1/2/3

A Safe Night’s Sleep Initiative Grows: Meet Project Night Night


When we found out about Project Night Night and their mission, we knew we had to partner with them and do what we could to help.  Voted as San Francisco Magazine’s “Best Children’s Charity”, Project Night Night donates 25,000 “Night Night Packages” to homeless children, many of whom have been affected by domestic violence.  Inside a Night Night Package you will find a blanket, stuffed animal and children’s book that is given to a child upon their family’s arrival to a homeless or domestic violence shelter. And now, for the next several months, theses packages will include new bedding for the shelters to use or to give to their clients once they have found a new, safe place to call home.


Project Night Night works with thousands of shelters every year across the United States and their impact is incredible.  It is through their network that we are able to donate new bedding sets to the following organizations:

  • St. Vincent de Paul - San Francisco, CA

  • St. Anthony’s - San Francisco, CA

  • Homeless Prenatal - San Francisco, CA

  • Safe Voices Domestic Violence Shelter - Auburn, ME

  • Detroit Rescue Mission - Detroit, MI

  • Westside Catholic Center in Cleveland, OH

It is our goal to continue to grow our “A Safe Night’s Sleep” Initiative and provide more and more victims of domestic violence with a few basic essentials that will help them create a comfortable, safe home for themselves and their families.  Click here to learn more about our cause.