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Ring in 2013 with “MAS” Style with Mary of M.A.S. Fashion!

Meet recently engaged and gorgeous, Dallas-based blogger Mary Summers from M.A.S. Fashion. She started blogging with her BFF after they graduated college. This blog eventually led her to her style blog called M.A.S. Fashion. Let’s get a glimpse into what she’ll be doing this New Years!


Q: How would you describe your fashion and home’s style?

My personal style has always been classic mixed with a trendy piece or two. I love throwing on leather pants with a classic white t-shirt and blazer.

            ; image of clear plastic corner chair

My home style is the same! I will have a beautiful, classic, wood table and then throw a Lucite tray and gold scull on top. Something that is going to make you look twice. I love that!


Q: What is your favorite room/space in your home?

In my apartment it is our living room. It is a place where we can let loose. We have a giant couch that is so cozy and warm. It can make even my worst days okay.

           image of a stack of books

Q: What resolutions do you have this year?

I can’t lie, I am definitely one of those people who bring in the new year with lots of dreams and resolutions. Cheesy, I know, but something about a fresh start and specific time frame, always gets me motivated. This year my resolution is to get healthy. Not necessarily lose weight but live a more balanced life. 

Q: How do you plan on ringing in the New Year? Will you be decorating your home?

I must say I don’t love going out on New Years Eve. I prefer to stay in with a group of friends and cook a yummy meal and sip on champagne. I love bringing in the new year surrounded by those you love.

Q: What is your favorite Crane & Canopy duvet cover?

I LOVE the Page Gray! The simplicity and chicness is amazing!! 

           image of all white bedding

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