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The Easiest and Most Affordable Ways to Keep Warm…Without Turning on the Heat

Brrr!  With this unusual nationwide cold snap, it’s no wonder everyone is scrambling to get just a bit cozier.  We have rounded seven easy ways to keep warm immediately, without breaking the bank.


  1. Pile on the blankets:  One of the first things we learned about dressing for winter is to layer.  The same thing applies to your bedding.  If you feel like you need more warmth, add on an additional comforter to your current bedding.  We particularly like the cotton loft comforter because it’s light and airy while still does a good job insulating you from the cold.
  2. Use a hot water bottle:  There is nothing like snuggling up next to warmth.  One of our favorite tricks to do to stay warm in bed is to fill up a few hot water bottles and drop them near the foot of our bed.  That way, one can stay cozy all night long.
  3. Take a hot bath:  If it gets a bit too chilly, draw yourself a bath.  You deserve one anyways!  If you aren’t used to taking a long bath, immerse your feet in hot water.  Trust us…it’ll help a lot!
  4. Open the curtains during the day:  Let the sunshine into your home during the day.  However, don’t forget to close them at night since the draft will come in.
  5. Cover Your Floors:  Having rugs or carpet on floor not only keeps your toes cozy but also keeps it insulated.   
  6. Wear Socks: Protect your feet from the cold floor with a soft pair of socks or snuggly slippers.  Ideally do #3 first before #6.  
  7. Drink a hot beverage:  Nothing takes better than hot cocoa or tea on a cold winter night.  We like how warms you from inside out.

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